The Biggest Mistakes Value Practitioners Make

(and How to Avoid Them)


We believe that Value Practitioners are often viewed - and justifiably so - as "manna from heaven" for today’s sales teams.

However, the most seasoned professionals can be handicapped from delivering their full potential in environments where teams operate in silos, processes are inconsistent, and prior-generation technology and tools are in use.

But they certainly don’t have to…

Learn how to AVOID the biggest, most detrimental mistakes a Value Practitioner can make, including  -

  1. Taking on Basic Discovery by Yourself
  2. Letting Sales Reps Bring Value Professionals in to Close “The Last Mile”
  3. Being Excluded from New Sales Hire Training
  4. Failing to Hold Quarterly (or Monthly) Meetings with the Right Teams
  5. Focusing on Deals vs. Scale

Get your copy of The Biggest Mistakes Value Practitioners Make (and How to Avoid Them) and escape the pitfalls that plague the position.


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